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Empowering Mothers: Liquid Soap and Phenyl Making Training in Nepal

In a heartwarming initiative aimed at empowering mothers and girls in Nepal, the Nepal Hemophilia Society recently conducted a Soap and Phenyl phenyl-making training program from September 1st to 7th, 2023. This program, sponsored by Save One Life, USA, brought together 22 enthusiastic participants eager to gain practical skills and financial independence.

Training Objectives

The primary objectives of the training program were to equip mothers with practical skills in liquid soap making and phenyl production. By doing so, the program aimed to enable these mothers to generate income for their families while supporting their children’s medical needs. Moreover, it sought to promote self-reliance and empower these mothers to become active contributors to their households.

Training Activities

During the week-long training, participants engaged in various activities to achieve these objectives:

  • Theoretical sessions on soap and phenyl-making techniques.
  • Hands-on practical sessions to create liquid soap and phenyl products.
  • Guidance on sourcing raw materials and maintaining quality control.
  • Essential marketing and entrepreneurship skills to help them sell their products.
Happy trainees posing for photos

Outcomes and Impact

The program yielded several positive outcomes:

  • Participants successfully acquired the skills required to make liquid soap and phenyl.
  • Increased confidence and enthusiasm among the mothers, as they now have a source of income to support their families.
Certification of Participation Distributed Jointly by Mr. Mukuna Mani Ghimre and Ms. Gita Rana Sinjali

Post Training Expectations

The market for liquid soap and phenyl in Nepal holds promise due to their wide range of applications. It is expected that many trainees will utilize these newfound skills for financial independence. The Nepal Hemophilia Society plans to continue supporting these mothers by facilitating access to markets and assisting them in establishing small businesses. The ultimate goal is to expand the program’s reach to benefit more families in need.

Liquid Soap and Phenyl made by trainees

Quotes from the Training Program

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for Save One Life’s support for this training program. Your partnership has made a tangible difference in our community, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.”

Mukunda Mani Ghimire, President of the Nepal Hemophilia Society

For many years, Save One Life has been a supporter of Nepal’s bleeding disorder community, and its remarkable impact here in Nepal is undeniable. Their recent financial support for this soap and phenyl making training program is especially significant, as it provides mothers with a valuable opportunity to generate income and enhance the quality of life for both themselves and their children.”

Ishwori Bogati, President of Nepal Hemophilia Society Mothers Committee

In conclusion, the Soap and Phenyl Making Training program organized by the Nepal Hemophilia Society, generously sponsored by Save One Life, USA, has not only equipped mothers with essential skills but also kindled hope and self-reliance within them. The ripple effect of this initiative promises to benefit numerous families and strengthen the community in the years to come.

National Population and Housing Census 2021 Reveals Data on Hemophilia

According to the National Population and Housing Census 2021 (Volume 1) report, the total hemophilic population was 4937, with 2357 males and 2580 females. The province with the most statistics, Bagmati, recorded 1335, of which 630 and 705 were male and female, respectively. Karnali province was reported to have the lowest number, 117.

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WFH President in Nepal

The President of the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) Mr. Cesar Garrido along with his team Ms. Salome Mekhuzla (Director-Global Development-WFH) & Mr. Harshal Kale (South and East Asia Region Manager-WFH) visited Nepal from 25th November 2022 to 27th November 2022. During the visit, several meetings were held where the major agendas were centered on the planning and execution of activities for sustainable welfare programs for People with Hemophilia (PWH).

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