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NHS Hosts Successful Press Conference to Raise Awareness and Advocate for Hemophilia Care

Nepal Hemophilia Society (NHS) recently concluded a successful press conference aimed at increasing awareness about hemophilia in Nepal and advocating for stronger government support for individuals with hemophilia (PWH).

During the conference, Mr. Rajkumar Pandey, representing the Ministry of Health and Population, pledged to champion this cause within the Ministry and enhance government support for PWH in the near future, acknowledging the high cost of their care.

Dr. Niraj Kumar Singh, leading the Hemophilia Care Unit in Bir Hospital, emphasized the need for the government to fulfill its constitutional responsibility for PWH’s treatment and care.

Dr. Bishesh Sharma Poudyal highlighted the overreliance on international assistance for more than 95% of hemophilia treatment factors and the factor scarcity issue during emergencies and surgeries, with the government contributing only 5%.

Mukunda Mani Ghimire, President of Nepal Hemophilia Society, emphasized the lack of awareness about hemophilia in Nepal, leading to a diagnosis rate below 25%. He shared his own diagnosis story and the need for increased awareness.

Nabaraj Khadka stressed the urgency of raising awareness for diagnosing more PwH.

In conclusion, the press conference successfully endeavored to extend its reach to more communities, offering vital information about hemophilia and soliciting increased attention from the Government of Nepal to enhance the treatment and care of individuals with hemophilia (PwH) across the nation.

Note: This program is generously supported by the Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation, for which we extend our heartfelt gratitude.