Getting to Know Us

Nepal Hemophilia Society (NHS) is a social non-profit making, non-governmental, non-political organization representing People with Hemophilia( PWHs), other bleeding disorders and their families. Nepal hemophilia society is a registered National Member organization (NMO) of the World Federation of Hemophilia(WFH) and is also a member organization of the National Federation of the Disabled-Nepal(NFDN).

It is the only national level organization that works for hemophilia which is regulated by Executive Board elected every 2 years by AGM. The day to day operations of the organization are managed by a team of staff lead by the Executive Board. NHS operates as a non profit organization hence most of its operations are funded by donations.

       In late 1980s, getting access to proper diagnosis and available treatment (Fresh frozen plasma, FFP) to the scattered scarce known PWHs was a huge challenge. As a need to accurate laboratory diagnosis, access to safe treatment products and act in unison to be heard, the Nepal Hemophilia Society was conceived in 1992 AD with the effort of  PWHs, their families and treating Doctors   of that time.

      Since its inception, it has been rigorously working for the treatment and management of PWHs with an intention to help them sustain a normal life in a society. Its effectiveness is dependent upon the goodwill of many volunteers which includes PWHs, health professionals,  social workers and representatives from disable organizations and government who may contribute their skills, knowledge and time to achieve common goals.